Marine Armor System


Undoubtedly the last safest line of defense in the world designed for maximum protection on board. Made of high strength extruded aluminum with magnesium, silicon, titanium and ballistic materials with FB6-NS classification. Straight profiles of 100 x 3 mm and lower with double wall reinforcement of 100 x 3 mm fixed with stainless steel finishes and lower bearings for a smooth fit.

This model provides high protection against explosions of up to 20 kg of TNT in placed spheres 4 meters away (EXR5-NS certification), hurricane protection (class 5 certification), intrusion protection (RC6 certification), fire protection up to 60 minutes (E60 certification) and protection against heavy military weapons such as the M16 or AK -47 Kalashnikov (FB6-NS certification).

We recommend the Kriptonia Max model to block access to the interior of the ship or platform, protection of the wheel house, fuel transfer areas, ATEX areas, powder areas, creation of a bunker or citadels for the protection of the crew against armed attacks and creation of effective barriers against explosions and / or fires.


  • Burglar-proof classification: RC6 (UNE-EN 1627:2011)
  • Ballistic Classification: FB6-NS (UNE-EN 1522:1999; M16 or AK-47 Kalashnikov)
  • Blast-proof certification: EXR5-NS (UNE-EN 13123; 20 kg of TNT located 4 meters away)
  • Fire-proof clasification: E60 (60 minutes; UNE-EN 1634:2016)
  • Sabotage-proof protection: YES
  • Wind resistance classification: Class 5 (206 km/h; 2.000 Pa)
  • Opening speed: 0,3 m / s approx.
  • Power: 1.200w
  • Intensity: 5,5 A
  • Mass: 98,5 kg/m2
  • Finishing: anodized high resistance against corrosion
  • Emergency shut down system: Yes.
  • Emergency centralized shut down button: YES
  • Product standards:

UNE-EN 13241-1:2004. Building Products Directive

UNE-EN 1627:2011

UNE-EN 1522:1999

889/106/CEE. Machine Directive

98/37/CEE. Machine Directive

89/336 CEE. Electromagnetic Compatible Directive.

FB6-NS protection level according to UNE-EN 1522:1999.

RC6 protection level according to UNE-EN 1627:2011.

EN 12445:2001. Maneuvering force.

EN 12453:2001. Maneuvering force.

UNE-EN 12605:2000. Safe opening.

UNE-EN 12604:2000. Safe opening.

UNE-EN 12444:2000. Wind load resistance.

UNE-EN 12424:2000. Wind load resistance.

UNE-EN 1634:2016. Fire resistance.

UNE-EN 13123. Blast resistance.

  • Thermodynamic values:

U = 5,29 W / (m2 · K)

Rt = 0,189 (m2 · K)/ W