Marine Armor System

¿Por qué Marine Armor System?

More than 45 years of experience

Thousands of projects since 1972 endorse us, we are experts and we are specialized in on-board installations

International presence

Our strategically located distributors will support you all over the world even during the navigation and regular operation of the ship/platform

International certifications

Ballistic certification UNE-EN 1522; blastproof certification UNE-EN 13123; burglarproof certification UNE-EN 1627; fireproof certification UNE-EN 1634 and hurricaneproof certification UNE-EN 12424. ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Top quality products

Our burglar-proof systems, ballistic-proof systems, fire-proof, burglar-proof, blastproof and hurricanes-proof systems offer different levels of security for each type of requirement

Security and values

We protect the lives of people, cargo and vessel as well your corporate image

Versatility and adaptation

Multiple combinations of colors and design adapted to any environment and customer specifications

The fastest

Quick installation without interfering with the normal operation of the vessel. Our qualified technicians have all the necessary approvals to install the systems anywhere in the world

Invisible and discreet

Totally hidden system is equal to "invisible" and surprise factor is an advantage in security. In addition, each space on board counts and our systems do not occupy useful space and can be installed in the false ceiling

Maximum compatibility

Compatible with all security systems of the international market, being possible the interaction between them and their integration with the usual electronics of the ship

Patented technology without limits

We manufacture, supply and install anywhere in the world, even during ship navigation. Kriptonia is manufactured with special high strength aluminum alloy, nickel, silicon, titanium and latest generation ballistic materials

Aplicaciones Marine Armor System

Different levels of security and finishes to meet the needs of each vessel, offshore platform or yacht

HangarsAccess protection to hangars of any size

WorkshopsFireproof, explosionproof, burglarproof, hurricaneproof and bulletproof. Safe workshops with tailor-made systems

Superestructure accessesNaval shielding of accesses to superstructures and living areas

GangwaysSecure enclosure of gangways regardless of size and location on board

Engine roomCreation of safe area in engine room to keep the crew safe and ship propulsion

CitadelsCreation of safe areas or citadels on board

CorridorsCreation of safe divisions in corridors with hidden systems in the false ceiling

PortsKriptonia systems allow shielding louvres and ports of all types, sizes and shapes

HelideckProtection against explosions and fires caused by accidents and spills of flammable liquids

Hatchs and cargo openingsProtection against possible intrusions through all kind of openings

Machinery roomsProtection of machinery spaces of all kinds

Wheel houseTotal bridge protection at the push of a button

StairsRestriction of access in stair areas

Powder keg and ATEX areasCertified systems to resist explosions in very high risk areas

Bull's-eye windowsKryptonia systems certified and adapted to any shape or dimension

Garages and cargo spacesSubdivision of large confined spaces implementing fire protection

Our clients guarantee our professionalism

"Blindaje de buque perforador contra la piratería marina"

(Español) Capitán Joseph D. R. (Responsable de seguridad de flota)