Marine Armor System


High strength extruded aluminum with magnesium, silicon, titanium and ballistic materials with FB6-NS classification. Straight profiles of 100 x 3 mm and lower with double wall reinforcement of 100 x 3 mm fixed with stainless steel finishes and lower bearings for a smooth fit.

This model provides high protection against explosions of up to 20 kg of TNT in sphere located 4 meters away (EXR5-NS certification), wind load protection (class 5 certification), intrusion protection (RC6 certification) and protection against heavy military weapons such as the M16 or AK-47 Kalashnikov (FB6-NS certification).

We recommend the Kriptonia Blast model to block access to the interior of the ship or platform, protection of the wheel house, fuel transfer areas, ATEX areas, powder zones, creation of a bunker or citadels for the protection of the crew against armed attacks and creation of effective barriers against explosions.


  • Burglar-proof classification: RC6 (UNE-EN 1627:2011)
  • Ballistic Classification: FB6-NS (UNE-EN 1522:1999; M16 or AK-47 Kalashnikov)
  • Blast-proof certification: EXR5-NS (UNE-EN 13123; 20 kg of TNT located 4 meters away)
  • Sabotage-proof protection: YES
  • Wind resistance classification: Class 5 (206 km/h; 2.000 Pa)
  • Opening speed: 0,3 m / s approx.
  • Power: 1.200w
  • Intensity: 5,5 A
  • Mass: 98,0 kg/m2
  • Finishing: anodized high resistance against corrosion
  • Emergency shut down system: Yes.
  • Emergency centralized shut down button: YES
  • Product standards:

UNE-EN 13241-1:2004. Building Products Directive

UNE-EN 1627:2011

UNE-EN 1522:1999

889/106/CEE. Machine Directive

98/37/CEE. Machine Directive

89/336 CEE. Electromagnetic Compatible Directive.

FB6-NS protection level according to UNE-EN 1522:1999.

RC6 protection level according to UNE-EN 1627:2011.

EN 12445:2001. Maneuvering force.

EN 12453:2001. Maneuvering force.

UNE-EN 12605:2000. Safe opening.

UNE-EN 12604:2000. Safe opening.

UNE-EN 12444:2000. Wind load resistance.

UNE-EN 12424:2000. Wind load resistance.

UNE-EN 13123. Blast resistance.

  • Thermodynamic values:

U = 5,29 W / (m2 · K)

Rt = 0,189 (m2 · K)/ W