Marine Armor System


Armor System for Yachts is a range of systems specially developed by Marine Armor System for superyachts and megayachts that require an exclusive design without compromising the highest level of safety.
Armor for Yachts has ballistic, fire resistance, anti-explosion, anti-intrusion and wind load resistance certifications.
In less than 10 seconds your yacht will be completely protected by turning it into a bulletproof, fire, hurricane, intrusion or explosionproof bunker that will prevent any attempt to attempt against its integrity, that of your family, crew, equipment and boat.
Our system can be integrated with the yacht’s own security and yacht automation systems, in accordance with the yacht’s emergency and evacuation procedures, providing the highest level of security for the most demanding needs.
Our intelligent system can also be easily installed to separate and secure restricted areas within the yacht as well as protect it when it is moored in port providing peace of mind.
And when it is closed? Swarovski crystals? A picture of Monet or Van Gogh? A seascape? If you can imagine it, we can create it. Armor System for Yachts brings maximum safety, design and distinction to your boat.





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