Marine Ship Hardening and Security Systems
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Marine Armor System is specialized in Ship Hardening and Maritime Security Systems by protecting ships, oil rigs, vessels or yachts from piracy attacks

  • Francisco de Borja Serrano Rubio, Operations Director of Swat Security Systems Lda.

    During my years of experience in maritime security, I have seen many improvised citadels and measures to try to stop the pirates, the only 100% effective as I have test, it's the systems of Marine armor. Also the quality and price are the best in the market.  My company personally recommended in Post Transit Report to shipping owners to avoid improvisations.  
  • Mark Green, Maritime Security Advisor Lead.

    I am the Maritime Security Advisor Lead contracted by a major oil company on board a drilling ship off the coast of Tanzania.  The Marine Armor team were experienced, organised, safe and professional throughout the mammoth job.  To date the Marine Armor equipment has operated without a hitch giving me, my team and the crew on board confidence in knowing we have the means to protect ourselves at the push of a button should we ever have to. I can unequivocally recommend Marine Armor, their ballistic shuttering system and the guys that carried out the installation.  
  • Wren Thomas, Captain of supply vessel C-Retriever, kidnapped in 2013

    We didn´t have a citadel. We used the Bulk Tank Room, with the engine room to the front of it and the z-drive room to the back of it. The pirates had 2 ways to get to us either through the watertight door dividing the engine room or the emergency escape hatch in the z-drive room. It was easier and more convenient for them to cut through the door to the engine room using angle grinders . When the pirates came through, they were armed with AK-47s and a M-60.(source:

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