What is Marine Armor System?

Marine Armor System is a security system that blocks access, creating bunkers and armored cities on all types of vessels and platforms with ballistic and burglarproof certifications.

Do Marine systems comply with BMP4 recommendations?

Yes, the International Maritime Organization places particular emphasis on its BMP4 manual on the importance of blocking access to the interior of the vessel and on creating armored bunkers or safe areas for the crew.
 It recommends to have the external technical advice of qualified professionals such as Marine Armor System.

What type of armament does the Marine Armor System system support?

Our anti-ballistic systems withstand the impacts of military weaponry most used by international piracy, for example, AK-47 (Kalashnikov), M16, M60, etc.

Does the Marine Armor System system reduce visibility on the bridge when it is not in use?

No, it does not reduce the visibility at all, since it is perfectly integrated into the false ceiling.

When not in use, does the Marine Armor System shielding system obstruct the passage? Does it require space for storage?

No, when the system is not in use the system remains completely hidden and integrated in the structure of the vessel and does not hinder the transit of people during the daily activity of the vessel or platform.

Why should I install the Marine Armor System shielding system?

Our shielding system provides an effective barrier against attacks, protecting both the lives of the crew and the assets of the company. For this reason, it is an economic security solution and very effective for companies operating in high risk areas.

Is the installation complicated? How much time does it require?

No, our systems are tailor-made for each project and are simple to install. Thanks to our simple assembly method, they can be installed on all types of vessels or platforms in any part of the world, even during navigation, without harming the normal working activity.

Marine Armor System

Are Marine Armor System products certified?

Yes, the Kriptonia system is a patented and certified product that complies with the maximum levels of armor stipulated by the European Ballistic Standards. He has successfully passed the corresponding laboratory and stress tests.   In addition, MAS has the support of important European (FEDER fund) and Spanish institutions, such as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Industry and the Government of the Canary Islands.

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